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In the beginning of 2015, we decided to go solar. I went on to the CA Solar Initiative website and accidentally EMAILED 130+ vendors (from all over CA). From all the replies, we picked out about 20 companies to research on. We ended up choosing Nippon Energy.

We chose Nippon Energy base on a few factors:
1.) Their design for our home was most fitting base on our usage/home orientation/ area.
2) The brand/products that proposed to use was more reliable than others.
3) The price was very reasonable and competitive.

Navin from Nippon Energy was in charge of the install. We ran into a slight problem with the city permit (our fault). Navin was able to help us straighten that out. Then less than 3 weeks, the entire system was in place. Navin personally oversaw the installation process. He was prompt to email me updates on the entire install. Even to this day (7 months after), Navin still monitors and sends me updates on the performance of my system!!! Thanks for everything!