December 4, 2020

We had solar panels installed by the staff of Nippon Energy in March, and it has been smooth so far. We do however have to wait for the reflected (post-installation) changes in our bill to come, as with all installations. So we will see how well it works for us when that comes.

Before we hired Nippon Energy, we researched solar panel providers in the valley over a span of a couple of years. After talking with neighbors (who have solar panels) reading about services provided by solar panel providers, and then meeting with sales representatives, we were still not sure. The information they provided appeared inconsistent with the product description. Then we learned about Nippon Energy through a relative in SoCal, and we proceeded to talk with their director.

Here is a little bit about our experience:
*The director was very prompt to answer any questions we had pre-installation, during-installation, and post-installation. He was always available to talk, and he clearly explained the process and features of the product to us.

*The solar technicians installed our panels in 4 days. They were a staff of 3 technicians with one manager. They were punctual to arrive (9 am) and to leave (3 pm), and they spoke fluent English.

My neighbor was impressed, because the solar company she hired, had spent a few weeks doing the same range of work. I highly recommend Nippon Energy to residents in the valley who are seriously looking to get solar panels installed.