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There is an increasing need to buy solar system among the people and all over the world to conserve and use alternate sources of energy for a better and healthier lifestyle. Solar power, which is readily available, forms a very favourable energy resource as the Sun is an inexhaustible energy source. Nippon provides affordable solar powered systems for your homes and a hassle free installation procedure by our expert engineers.

The main reasons to buy solar system are the following :

Reduce carbon footprint :

The use of solar power decreases the amount of CO2 gas that is emitted for electrical use. This reduces our carbon footprint size drastically. Solar energy forms a great alternative to the power plants that use fossil fuels as their energy resource. The greenhouse gases that are emitted through burning fossil fuel are the main factors causing global warming and a reason to buy solar power. Solar power is a great contributing factor for creating a healthy, pollution-free, clean and green planet.

Solar panel installation in Ventura County

Affordability :

The Government is offering various rebates and tax incentives that have reduced the price of setting up of solar systems in residential homes. This step taken by the Government is encouraging more and more people to buy solar system in Mission Viejo at a decreased price. Hence, you can now install solar systems in your homes without incurring much investment.


Federal Solar Credit Tax :

Under The Energy Policy Act of 2005, a residential owner has the right to claim up to 30% of the total investment incurred for setting up a solar system at home. Hence, this makes a great difference in the cost to buy solar system and setting up the system in a residential home.


Conservation of Natural Resources :

Using solar power as an alternate energy resource helps to conserve the natural resources like water and coal. Lower utilization of the resources ensures reduced wastage.


Increased Home Values :

A rigorous study has concluded that installing solar power systems at your homes will increase its value 20 times when compared to the houses having normal electrical systems. Moreover, you can also sell solar powered homes faster than the ones with no solar power facility in them.

residential Solar panel installation in San Bernardino

Saves Money :

Buying solar system for homes decreases electricity bills by up to 95%. It has been seen that solar power owners save around $50,000 per year by using solar energy. The savings depends on a number of factors like: system size, mechanisms, space available and orientation. Due to the benefits provided by the solar power systems and its growing popularity across the nation, Nippon urges you to join hands with us and help us create a better earth with healthier living!

Solar panel installation in San Bernardino