Consume energy generated from nature. Harness the most abundant energy on Earth and protect our environment. Solar panels will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Consume energy generated from nature. Harness the most abundant energy on Earth and protect our environment. Solar panels will help reduce your carbon footprint


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December 15, 2020

In the beginning of 2015, we decided to go solar. I went on to the CA Solar Initiative website and accidentally EMAILED 130+ vendors (from all over CA). From all the replies, we picked out about 20 companies to research on. We ended up choosing Nippon Energy.

We chose Nippon Energy base on a few factors:
1.) Their design for our home was most fitting base on our usage/home orientation/ area.
2) The brand/products that proposed to use was more reliable than others.
3) The price was very reasonable and competitive.

Navin from Nippon Energy was in charge of the install. We ran into a slight problem with the city permit (our fault). Navin was able to help us straighten that out. Then less than 3 weeks, the entire system was in place. Navin personally oversaw the installation process. He was prompt to email me updates on the entire install. Even to this day (7 months after), Navin still monitors and sends me updates on the performance of my system!!! Thanks for everything!

December 15, 2020

After countless hours of meeting with different Solar companies I decided to go with Nippon Energy. Not only was the price the best but the Sevice was also an A+. Navin was helpful and very attentive through the whole process. Thanks for the great job.

December 15, 2020

I had a great experience with Nippon energy. They were on top of the project from beginning to the end. Excellent customer service and professional team. I highly recommend Nippon energy for installing solar panels.

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December 15, 2020

This guys rock and specially after trying to get solar for the past six months from a quote to the other this guys are upfront, Shaun got it done in no time with a price that was awesome and saved me a ton of money and a better costumer service than the over priced companies like Sunrun and sunlight solar Incase if these companies wonder on how business works they should definitely get with Nippon energy to learn from the pro.

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December 15, 2020

I met Nippon Energys’ solar guy Shawn Mundin at a dealership that I was having some work done on my wifes and my truck when I saw a Nippon energy logo on his shirt.
My wife and I had been investigating into investing into solar for our home. We had spoken with about 9 or so companies that had one thing or another that was special about their package that they were selling, however when we spoke with Shawn for one he didn’t talk negative about any other company and to us that showed great character because we told him about the meetings with the other representatives and he just replied well this is what we can do for you and your household and I believe it will work out better for you both because numbers don’t lie.
For one American made products, great warranty, cosmetically attractive also they put the panels where we wanted them which is on the ground. Explained all about the whole procedure from start to finish and also a couple pretty cool perks to support small business of our choosing which was a clincher for us. The date that they quoted us was the date it was done buy. The inspections were all done at our convenience as well so that worked out nicely. Also the presentation of the extra box and conduit was painted to match so the whole thing looks professional and uniform. Our bill now is less expensive a month with a product that we will own in 7 years as opposed to the electric bill that would just keep going up at will and we haver no control over it. All and all it was a good choice to go with Nippon energy and with Shawn Mundin your solar guy. We have created a great relationship with not only this company but also its employee.


Mode of Payments Loan Cash Lease PPA
Down Payment $0 down Full Payment $0 down, prepay options $0 down, prepay options
Ownership You You Leaser PPA Company
Tax Credits You You Leaser PPA Company
Monthly Payments Fixed* None Fixed with a 2.9% annual escalator Pay for energy produced, with a 0-2.9% annual escalator
Energy Monitoring with Mobile app Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roof Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Warranty 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years
Payment Term 12 - 20 years NA 20 years 20 years